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No Big Deal

"No big deal" is what your fitness lifestyle should be. That means it should be something which you do regularly, spontaneously and comfortably. In other words it should feel right, make you increasingly more fit, and get you to look the way you want in the mirror.

Few people can really say this about their fitness lifestyle. Much of this type of healthy living is inordinately hard for them. For instance, getting to the gym everyday is next to impossible. Or, keeping on the right diet through the holidays is something that never happens. Or, finding the money for those much needed supplements seems tantamount to reducing the national debt. And, all of that is in spite of knowing the right things to do.

What is the main cause of the trouble? Perhaps anxiety is the best answer. A fitness lifestyle is just not normal. Therefore it makes people uneasy It is counter to the messages of the medical community and the media. What they have to say reduces to what is called common sense--something which every adult should adhere to. In general, their message suggests : 1.) cutting back on exercise after high school (taking it easier as one gets older); 2.) eating reasonable amounts of FDA approved food from the grocery store; 3.) staying away from the bad habits as well as too many of the presumably superfluous supplements (even if Jack Lalanne said that he took forty to fifty of these per day from A to Z.)

MDs with the help of the media promote all of this. They are adamantly certain that it will allow nature to optimally sustain us for the longest amount of time. That is, it will get us safely through to our middle eighties without diseases or other maladies. Moreover, they tacitly threaten that any deviation from these supposed irrefutable truths will, not may, shorten life or bring on unhealthy conditions. A fitness lifestyle is of course a prime example of one such deviation.

Therefore, contemplating a fitness lifestyle may give rise to a number of haunting questions. Is it really as good as what the doctors are promoting? Will it cause problems down the road that no one knows about now? Is it too hard for some people, maybe too much so because of age?

People who experience doubts like these while still trying to supplement, diet and exercise daily will feel that they are always making an "heroic effort." In other words, they will find that simply doing the basics of a fitness lifestyle is a "very big deal." Perhaps it will make them feel much like Columbus' crew, not knowing if their ship would be destroyed by dangerous entities in the unknown Atlantic.

Fortunately, there is more good news today about fitness than there was knowledge about the Atlantic back in 1492. Right now, an ever increasing number of people are finding that a fitness lifestyle is superior to the living habits promoted by the media and the medical community. That is because of Jack Lalanne, who started it all back in the fifties. As a result, quite a few people are now experiencing a far superior quality of life in comparison to more conventional counterparts.

Perhaps you know of some who have been at fitness for ten or more years. If not, the internet is a great source of data and positive examples Some of its authors can even be called. By using it everyday, one can start enjoying his or her sail from Spain to the New World .Then the hazardous voyage will become more like an enjoyable cruise, something which is "no big deal."

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