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"Holiday" In Pattaya? Gracefully Handling Your First Encounter With Katoey

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Gentlemen: Perhaps it is time for some frank and honest advice to all of you who are traveling to Thailand with the intent to spend some quality time having fun with a newly acquainted companion. Our advice to you is to expect the unexpected when you go "cruising" in Thailand.

Single people of means all throughout the world like to travel for the purposes of finding romance. After all, what is Spring Break all about when you think about it? And while we are at it, what is the city of Las Vegas for? People have been traveling to meet-up with the opposite sex since before the days of Marco Polo for sure, and since Thailand has such a reputation for being a land of a thousand tropical paradises, it is only natural that it has become a Tier One destination
for romance tourism.

If you are reading this article then it is assumed by us that you are an adult heterosexual male of full age, and are ready, wiling, and able, if not altogether eager to travel to Thailand for the purposes of finding and meeting up with a fun and attractive member of the opposite sex. If Thailand is your destination, all we can say is "good choice". Your are going to learn a lot about life, and you are poised to perhaps have the time of your life. Before you pack and get on that airliner, we do hope that you will heed these brief words of advice to you our intrepid traveler about what to expect when you get there.

Thailand is regarded throughout the rest of the world as a tropical paradise, in much the same what as Hawaii is, but without perhaps the same pedestrian, family family, G-rated reputation. Thailand is seen by the world as an adult playground in much the same way as Las Vegas is, just with beaches, less clothing, and even more of all the hedonistic attractions and amenities. Because of this, Thailand is regarded as a haven and sanctuary for Bohemians, non-conformists, and colorful characters who seek out environs where nobody judges anybody else. If you have ever been to Greenwich Village in New York City, then you understand. If you are somebody that marches to the beat of a different drummer, if you consider yourself to be a refuge of the banal, a free-spirit, a freak, a dropout, or somebody that just doesn't fit it elsewhere, you will find solace in Greenwich Village. As soon as you step off that bus, the village will start to soothe your aching hippie bones, and you will feel it. You will be happy there. You can be as weird as you like, and nobody will judge you. It is much the same way in Thailand. People go there to "let it all hang out", and that should be one of the many reasons that you want to go there. As a visitor you want to be broadminded, and always remember: When you get off that plane, its all here, and its all good.

Your going to run into them, just accept it and take it in stride.

A katoey or "ladyboy" is a Thai male transgender person (man to woman) that has chosen to live their life as a Thai girl or woman. They are a constant source of curiosity for people visiting from abroad as there seems to be so many of them in the bars and night clubs dotted throughout the major tourist destinations such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Why so many? Simply put, Thailand, like Greenwich Village is by its nature and culture a very permissive society. That is part of its unique charm, and what makes it so much fun. Because of this, you, the romantic traveler are probably going to have your first encounter with a katoey soon enough after you land, but fear not, in the second installment of this article we will help guide you through the experience so that you pull through, and soon enough you will be an "old pro" at deflecting any kind of anxiety generating experience that might come your way. so Click Here to go on with Part Two of this article.

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