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What to Do If the Dryer Belt Won't Stay on the Motor

    Repair the Dryer

    • Over time, the belt on the dryer becomes worn and stretched, and will no longer stay on the motor. You can replace the belt with some effort. The basic design of a dryer is similar among the various models: a small motor connected to a rubber belt spins a large tumbler drum. The belt is usually located in an accessible area, behind the front or back panel.

    Replace the Dryer

    • If your dryer is old and exhibiting other problems, you may want to replace the entire dryer. Moreover, if your dryer manufacturer is no longer making parts for your dryer model, you may be unable to obtain a replacement belt. It may better to purchase a new, energy-efficient and serviceable model.

    Bottom Line

    • Dryers are expensive appliances. If it is within your means to obtain and replace the failing dryer belt, it will save you money. However, if the dryer is showing signs of failure or the replacement belt is no longer available, replace the unit. Newer models are more energy-efficient.

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