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Loft Conversions Are the Largest Enhancement to Property Values

According to surveys carried out by the Guardian it has been declared that a loft conversion can add up to £20,000 to your property! However home owners do warn that it is important to comply with building regulations.
Although we all like to get our sleeves rolled up and dabble in a bit of DIY, home owners should now start focussing on the larger projects if they are serious about generating value to their property.
Painting and decorating is known to freshen up a house and make it seem more attractive to potential buyers but it actually adds little or no money to the property which has been clarified by over a third of property valuers.
Upon the list of top value-adding projects, there are lower value generators such as fitting new kitchens, bathrooms or windows which can around £3,000-£5,000.
Sitting above that are the ventures of room extensions which can be known to add around £16,000 to a property, which is quite a substantial amount! However, topping them all sits the concept of loft conversions which can add a pronounced £20,000 to your home.
Other developments which may not seem as obvious to increase the price of your home include adding off road parking or a driveway to the property which could bring in an estimated £2,800.
As well as this, internally home owners should contemplate re-carpeting the home which can add around £2,100 in some cases.
Adding an extra room to your house is by far the most advantages in terms of making it stand out, especially in areas of similar houses.
The property market is slow going at the moment meaning for higher competition between sellers.
It is important to try and stay ahead of the neighbours when competing to sell up in these hard times.
Despite the obvious benefits it is always important to be conscious of the building regulations or planning permissions which are applied to the process of extending or converting.
With regards to a loft conversion the planning permission is non-existent but building regulations are still required to determine the structural stability, insulation standards, fire safety measures and the staircase features.
Therefore it is imperative that you seek professional advice when considering these larger projects.
Failure to do so could result in actually decreasing the value of your property by neglecting quality and standards or by ruining an already valuable room in the property.

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