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How Long Until Hamas Or Hezbollah Or Both Attack Israel - Worried Yet, I Am

We all know that both Hamas and Hezbollah have shot 10s of thousands of rockets into Israel, and forced Israel to go after them.
During the last Hezbollah war, the media chastised Israel for defending itself and moving into Lebanon to stop the incoming rocket barrages.
Then the Israelis found that Hezbollah has armored piercing RPG rounds to shoot at the tanks.
Well, just when you thought things were stable again, now both Hamas and Hezbollah have restocked supplies and have enough rockets to do it all again.
So, much for any peace talks, they just needed time to re-arm themselves for more rocket volley attacks.
But it gets worse, as cargo ship headed for Syria from Iran was stopped by the Israelis and they found cargo container loads of more weapons in route to be snuck into from Syria to attack Israel.
It is amazing that this goes on while Iran is negotiating with the UN and IAEA claiming that they are developing nuclear enrichment only for peaceful nuclear power generation.
Apparently, Iran's actions speak as a back drop to their words of peace.
In this latest cargo shipment 70 tons of weapons were seized.
And it is estimated that these International terrorist organizations have enough weapons for a 25-30 day war with Israel.
On the ship were also anti-aircraft weapons systems, not your run of the mill cargo indeed.
Syria media declined any relevant comment, rather just another denial of facts.
How can their ever be peace in the Middle East with these sorts of things constantly going on? The reality is we can't, so please think on that.

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