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Is It Possible to Train the Cat?

Most people believe that cats cannot be trained.
Even though dog training is a huge industry, there is not much information about how pet owners can train their cats.
Some breed of cats can be trained easily while others require effort.
Even though much information is not available on how to train cats it is important that you give some training to your pet.
Before you start training your cat make a list of items that your pet likes because you will need them when you give your pet a reward when they follow your command properly.
Many pet owners give their feline friend a treat that they really like when they follow their commands.
There are many things that you can teach your cat.
For instance you can teach your cat to stand, jump, sit and meow on your command.
Some people also teach their cats to open the door when they want to come in or go out of their home.
Make sure the treat that you give your cat as reward is healthy.
Some pet owners give their cats food that has high carbohydrate content which can make their cat lazy.
Some of the options that you can choose from include tuna, popcorn and cheese.
When you buy cat treat make you check if your cat likes the treat.
Some cats who do not like the cat treats that pet owners have brought for them and may not respond to the command of their owners.
It is imperative that you give your cat the treat immediately after they have performed the desired task else they will not associate the task with the treat.
You can give your cat the treat on the floor or from your hands.
Some cats may not like to eat the treat from the hand so choose the option that your cat likes.
To train your cat you can use a clicker to make it understand the treat is associated with behaviour of the cat.
The clicker will make a click sound when the cat performs a task on your command and then you can give your cat the treat.
This will make it easier for the cat to associate their behaviour and the click.

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