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SEO Friendly Videos Have Better Chances Of Ranking Higher In The Search Engines

Search engines direct people to sites that get loaded fast.
So, that would matter a lot while ranking your page.
That makes it significantly important to improve the loading time for your page.
Another factor needing your consideration is the size of the video player and its resolution.
You'll need to decide if it should indeed be in HD.
Next, choose the type of files from among SWF, MPEG4 and Flv.
Some offer quicker loading, also keep in mind the device on which it's going to be seen.
Consider compressing the images on your page.
For instance, JPEG would weigh ten to twenty percent less, compared to PNG.
You may need to rescale.
Title is central You should be aware that you have about three seconds to impress visitors to the extent of clicking on your link.
So, your title should be precise and clear.
Choice of keywords plays a very vital role here.
Look for keywords relating to your topic and check how impressive these sound, compared to what may already be available.
You can get some really good ones using Google AdWords Keyword tool.
Surround Your Video with relevant content When evaluating a video, search engines don't look at its content alone.
They also check the rest of the content on the page and how far it's relevant to the video.
It's the sum of totals that creates the overall image.
Linking your video Include a link to other videos within your video.
It's easily done on YouTube, using Annotations while other services accommodate connected links toward video's ending.
Meta Tags continue to be relevant Despite search engines adapting new algorithms, meta tags continue to be the index of searches.
When you remain focused on using specific keywords, you can surely enhance the search engine ranking of your site.
Strive for keeping the information on your page relevant to the video it contains.
Using URL Your selection of URL for your video is also sensed by search engines.
Rather than having a normal URL, look for exact words related to content of your video.
Display only one video for any page, encouraging the search engine to focus on that specific video.
Why YouTube shouldn't be ignored You just can't afford to overlook using YouTube for hosting your video.
Followed by Google, this is the most popular site that people use for searching their information.
The presence on YouTube is a must if you wish to have to have your video noticed.
That's one platform that enables social sharing of your video and helps building brand awareness.
In case you are showcasing some product through your video, you may like including it in your website too.
After you have uploaded your video on YouTube, using its embed code you can implant it in your website too.
That means you loan the benefits of YouTube/Google SEO results to your website.
Search engines show video links at the top of result page.
You choice of keywords and appropriate application of tags enhance the chances of your video appearing among the top results of relevant pages.

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