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Run to Lose Weight - The 5 Ingredients of a Successful Running Program for Instant Weight Loss

The paths to permanent weight loss can be a daunting challenge to aspire to.
As you may know, losing the unwanted weight and keeping off for good are totally different things.
In my opinion, the best way to shed the extra pounds and stay in shape forever is achieved through starting and keeping a running program.
Why running is the best way you may ask.
Well, running burns more calories than any other activity.
It has been proven time and time again by millions fitness enthusiasts just like you, to be able to burn fat effectively and easily.
Running also has tremendous benefits beside weight loss.
Here are the 5 principles for an effective weight loss running program.
1- Set weight loss running goals The first step to any type of change is getting to know what you are after.
If you don't know what you want, how do you expect to achieve it? Well, you won't go far.
Therefore, before you head out the door; ask yourself this existential question: "what do I really want?" After that, your reticular activation system will do the rest for you.
You will start seeing opportunities coming from everywhere.
You will start picking up ideas and getting a clear vision of the kind of person you would like to become.
This will boost your motivation and get you up and ready for running.
2- Plan your weight loss running Nothing is achieved without a well thought plan.
Great businesses fall down on the ground almost overnight due to the lack of strategic planning.
I know, you are not about creating a multi-million company.
But this principle is universal and can be applied throughout all areas of life.
Plan your running around your life, not the other way around.
We all have our errands to run, our job and kids to take care of.
Sometimes your lifestyle can be an obstacle to starting a running program.
I usually plan my workout in the early morning.
Find what works the best for you.
3- The beginner runner If you are a beginner, my advice to you is to start slow and build up gradually.
This is usually means that you have to walk before you run.
You should combine walking and running until you feel capable to run without exerting yourself.
Your ego may try and get in the way--just don't let it ruin your life 4- Balanced diet The other side of the weight loss coin is a balanced diet.
The reason behind weight loss is the concept of a calorie deficit.
When you are using up more energy than you are taking in, you will be creating enough calorie deficits to shed the extra pounds.
Just be smart with it and don't starve yourself to death! 5- Be consistent Going for a jog around the block and expecting instant results is a shortcut to disaster.
Permanent weight loss is achieved through permanent training regime.
In the early stage, you may have to work extra hard to see some results, but as you get more fit and acquire your endurance foundation, you won't have to work on it as much as you used to.
Therefore, be patient and remember to have fun.

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