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How to Shake the Winter Blues or SAD By Doing Computer Repair

Why do some folks dislike the winter time with such a hatred? Is it the snow, the cold, the slippery sidewalks, or is it something else they truly hate, and that is getting the winter blues because they always think there's nothing to do.
I have always loved the winter time, from when I was a kid to my present age, I don't care much for the cost of the rising heat bill each year, but as far as the beauty of the winter scenery, I think it's wonderful, truly a gift from God.
Do you like using computers? Why not turn your hobby or activity into a paying one.
If you are very familiar with computers maybe you are good enough to do simple repairs and upgrades for other computer owners.
I never took a course on computer repair but I have, replaced video cards, sound cards, and internal modems and other devices.
I have also disabled or enabled onboard video and sound cards on systems.
Replacing or installing video cards, and other devices is pretty easy, they seem harder then they really are.
Now, I am talking about desktop computers, not notebook or laptops, they are a whole different breed.
I am not going to go into the details on how to replace a video card or any other device, but I do want to state again, that I have used computers for years as a hobby, and I have replaced such items, including hard drives, myself with no problems at all, saving myself a few thousand dollars in repair costs over the years.
I just learned by reading online instructions available on the internet, and by trying to do it myself.
I got so good at computer repairs that folks at work started bringing in their systems for me to take home and fix for them, then they paid me when I had the job finished.
If you feel confident that you can replace video cards, sound cards, or do other such repairs, then by all means, why not turn your knowledge into a part time cash paying business, its a great bit of knowledge you have, that is not being used to it's potential.
You can always start honing your skills by working on damaged or outdated computers that are often thrown away, or sold for very little money at yard sales and flea markets.
I have even had people pay me a few dollars to clean the dust out of their systems.
All I had to do was open the case, with the system unplugged, and blow the dust and debris out that accumulates inside the cases over time.
I use a can of compressed air, that does not freeze or make condensation, using the spray air that freezes or leaves moisture can damage the components.
It's amazing how many people could not or did not want to remove the computer case and clean out the dust themselves, but instead they paid me to do it, I thought it was pretty neat making $20 for 10 minutes of work.
This winter when you don't have anything to do, brush up on your computer repair skills, and make some extra money, while you shake the winter blues.
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