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How to Pass the Patent Bar

    • 1). Study the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). The exam questions are based on the material covered in the MPEP. This manual has over 3,000 pages and is divided into 27 sections. It reviews the methods the Patent Office uses to examine patents and the legal requirements patents must meet. You will have access to the MPEP in electronic format during the exam.

    • 2). Enroll in a Patent Bar review course. There are many education centers that offer review courses for the patent bar. The Practising Law Institute and the Patent Education Series offer online and traditional review courses that can help you study and pass the exam.

    • 3). Familiarize yourself with Prometric's testing system and rules. Prometric has a list of rules and answers to frequently asked questions at their Web page ( You cannot talk during the exam or bring in any testing aids or notes.

    • 4). Answer correctly 70 percent, that is sixty-three, of the 90 scored questions to pass. Ten of the 100 questions are beta or test questions and do not count toward your score. There is no way of knowing which questions are non-scored questions.

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