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Life insurance for new parents

One of the most popular times for people to consider life insurance is when you become a parent. The addition of a new addition to your household is one that is life-changing €" possibly the most life-changing event in anyone's life. Suddenly, rather than being responsible for yourself and caring for your partner, you have a brand new person to care for €" one that is too small to survive without you. The sad reality is that it is impossible to predict the future. All it takes is one car accident or illness to leave your precious new child without one or both parents.

While no-one likes to think about these things, this is the very reason that new parents seek to get life insurance quotes. Insurance is about protecting your loved ones against the odds, when you are no long around to protect them yourself. Even if you are not the primary bread-winner in your small family, the loss of one spouses income can create a huge financial burden, especially along with the grief and stress associated with the loss of a family member. The need for life insurance is not only there when you have a new baby €" even as teenagers or young adults, your children still financial support.
Reasons for this include the following:

€ Infants €" your new baby has only just entered the world, and has a lifetime of memories ahead of him or her. This is the best time to seek life plans, ensuring that you are able to grow your funds as your child grows. Mothers especially need to be prepared for the unthinkable, as new babies may require additional care such as nurses to care for your child when your partner is at work.

€ Toddlers €" as your child grows, their needs grow too. Toddlers require additional costs, as well as playgroup or nursery school fees. Growing at a fast rate also means going through clothing very quickly, while it is often at this point that most parents begin saving for primary school, high school and even tertiary education.

€ Children €" with school fees, extracurricular activities, uniforms, sports kids, school books and many other costs, school aged children require a lot more support on a financial and emotional level. This is the stage where thought processes develop, requiring a far higher level of planning and support, and ensuring the need for life insurance.

€ Teenagers €" aside from all the money that is borrowed for clothes and social activities, teens also have high school fees, sports, food, school supplies and even computers, mobile phones and other devices added to your budget. Losing a parent as a teen is challenging enough already, but with financial support in place, the burden can be minimised to some extent.

€ Young adults €" if your child is in college or university, their dreams are in the process of being made. Losing a parent at this age is hard enough already, but financial burdens such as debt and bills could mean that your child is not long able to study further. Give your child the future you have always wanted for them with life insurance.

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