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Article Marketing - 3 Tips on How to Give More to Your Readers to Generate More Traffic and Sales

It's true that article marketing can generate a lot of targeted traffic.
But don't forget that part of this traffic generation method is also about giving.
If you intend to take without giving, then this method is not for you.
So what can you give to build trust, credibility, and boost sales? Here are 3 tips - the last one works best.
Tip 1: Give away your best secrets for free.
- The world is changing.
Knowledge now longer makes a Company omnipotent.
If you don't share your secrets, your competitors will.
And they will snatch away your best customers.
So don't be fearful of sharing your best stuff.
You will find that the more you share, the more you receive.
Tip 2: Share case studies and test results.
- For others to see you as an expert, you have to demonstrate to them that you know what you are talking about.
By sharing case studies and test results, you are showing others that you are really good at what you do.
Your readers will thank you for being such a generous person.
Tip 3: Etch out lessons in your articles.
- Your articles should be informative.
But don't stop at just giving away information.
There are always lessons to be learned.
Sometimes, these lessons are not obvious to the readers.
By etching out the lessons in each article, you are making it easy for readers to learn from you.
Always strive to provide more value with your writing.
You can't go wrong.

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