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Aircraft Safety Concerns

Many people do not necessarily think about airplane safety outside of the dreaded event of an airplane crash. However, there are several possibilities that can cause an aircraft significant damage, leading to an emergency landing. These are not necessarily crashes, but can still cause significant injuries to those on-board if not handled properly. During these emergencies, evacuations of the aircraft are common, and need to be properly handled to minimize injury.

Fires on the plane are a serious concern for anyone on the aircraft. Although usually minimized through advanced containment technology, the damage a fire can do to the complex systems on board can be catastrophic. If a fire reaches the engine, it can potentially weaken the plane to the point of making it unsafe to fly. If a fire occurs around landing gear, it can make approaching a tarmac a truly dangerous task.

In addition to managing fires through technological innovation and pilot training, air crews need to be familiar with general evacuation processes. If there is a serious electrical problem on the plane after the aircraft has left the gate, it is likely that the air crew will need to evacuate the plane. Doing so requires organized procedures that reduce any feelings of panic from passengers as well as providing any necessary physical assistance to those who require help.

Although rare, airports need to work to reduce the possibility of bird strike. Unlike other problems on-board, bird strike occurs when a bird hits an airplane, either physically damaging the aircraft from the blow or being sucked into the engines. This is a serious concern for air safety, requiring management tactics for wildlife around the airport to be employed.

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