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ESD Carts Services for Ergonomically Designed Electronic Workstations

Employees can work productively only if the workstation meets the industry-specific functional requirements. A workstation that has been designed to provide maximum comfort to the workforce can reap benefits in the form of increased productivity and efficiency. For instance, working in electronic workstations is a risky business. The workforce can focus their attention on developing critical systems if and only if their various requirements with respect to enclosures, consoles and other technical furniture are duly taken care of by specialists in the field. Hence, enterprises in the electronics industry must collaborate with providers of best of the breed ESD carts services.

Given below are the specifications of outdoor weatherproof electronics cabinets offered by a leading service provider, who has been recognized as a specialist for electronic workstations for applications in the electronics industry, automotive technology, medical technology, and research and development.

* The cabinets meet requirements in accordance with IEC 721, ETS 300 019 and GR-487-CORE
* Minimum 25 dB shielding attenuation in accordance with IEC 61 587-3
* Earthquake-proof to zone 4 in accordance with Telcordia GR-63-CORE
* Vibration test in accordance with IEC 68-2-6, IEC 68-2-29
* Environmentally tested in accordance with IEC 68-2-1, IEC 68-2-2, IEC 68-2-5, IEC 68-2-56, IEC 60 529
* The integration of the heat exchanger in the enclosure wall ensures an increase of the available usage space by more than 15%
* Use of extensive cooling for the first time with low cabinet depths (€ 400 mm) for use in public access areas
* Disruptions of air flow are prevented with large spatial separation of air entry and exit points
* Identical basic and add-on modules can be easily extended in modular form to multiple combinations
* Future security due to installation space and adaption for 19€, metric and non-standard equipment, extensive accessory range
* Easy transport of individual modules and add-on at installation site
* Damaged covers can be easily and service-friendly exchanged
* The use of software tools like Pro Mechanica supports tailored solutions for all kinds of environmental and mechanical stress

A continuous evolution of the technology to be integrated requires a high degree of flexibility with workstation superstructures. Besides, the workstations need to be ergonomically designed because the design of the working environment, among other factors, influences the worker's performance and motivation. Hence, enterprises must choose a provider who offers solutions that are of superior quality, reliable, cost effective, highly durable and ergonomically designed customized solutions that are completely compliant with regulatory standards.

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