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Discover the Secrets to a Hard Body - After Workout Nutrition

Many folks think in-the-box and use conventional thinking to control their goals.
For instance, a lot of you would say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
But I would disagree with you here...
What you eat and drink AFTER you workout can very well determine how fast your body will get that hard toned look that you desire.
You see, right after you finished your active workout, your body is screaming for "something" to erase the catabolic state your muscles are in.
Your workout depleted the glycogen in your muscles and as a result, your body "breaks down" muscles to help itself recover.
And that isn't good if you want to become a hard and lean, sexy machine! I mean, what is the point of working out if you lose muscles? It's the muscles that burn calories that burn your fat.
In short, if you don't support your muscles...
baby, you ain't getting a lean, toned sexy body!!! So...
what you need to do as soon as you finished your intense workout -- (and I do mean intense, otherwise what is the point?) -- you need to pour down a post-workout meal into your body.
Now a little details about this meal...
it should be about three to five hundred calories.
It should contain a ratio of two to one or four to one of carbs and protein.
But keep the healthy fats out of this meal because fat will slow down your body's breakdown and absorption of the meal's components.
The main point of the post workout meals is to provide quick digestible energy to replenish the muscle glycogen and also proteins needed to help your muscles recover and grow after the workout.
Also, you don't need to spend lots of money for expensive supplements or meal replacements because my recommendation is to go natural as much as possible because it is way better than the junk marketed by supplement manufacturers.
Find good sources of natural carbs such as bananas, raisins, dried fruits (anything natural with no added sugar!), and I'm sure you can find other natural carbs around your kitchen.
If not, get walkin' buddy -- to your grocery store! And the best source of protein that is quickly digested by your body is good quality whey protein isolate plus some yogurt.
Just blend the fruit, yogurt and protein powders to make a quick smoothie that will satisfy your body after a hard workout! A couple of notes about protein powders and yogurt...
First of all, their are tons of whey protein powders out there.
And most of them have junk included.
Artificial sweetener and colorings...
I don't know about you but my body reacts to artificial sweetener and I get headaches.
So what I do is go on the Internet and look at established health food stores for whey protein powders that are plain.
Just the good stuff and nothing else.
You will find it cheaper and your body will thank you for it.
And a comment about yogurt...
I get the pro-biotic cultured yogurt.
They have good bacteria in them that you need in your gut.
It is great for your digestive system.
You will find them at any grocery store in the yogurt aisle.
Look at the container and it should say something about "active cultures.
" The best thing? It doesn't cost much more than the junk yogurt next to them.
You know now what meal is the most important one if you want to build muscles or want that flat and toned look.

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