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How to Disassemble an HP Pavilion Laptop

    • 1). Prepare a clear workstation. Turn off your laptop and remove all power components including the power cord and the battery. (Turn the laptop over and you will find the tab to push and pop out the battery.) Also remove any peripheral attachments like USB devices.

    • 2). Turn the HP Pavilion upside down and unscrew all the screws you find. Try to keep them separate by size so you can put them back in the same spot when you are ready to reassemble the laptop.

    • 3). Remove the hard drive and memory modules by pulling up on the rectangular compartments. The memory is located in the central compartment, and in most HP models the hard drive is located to one side.

    • 4). Turn the laptop back over and remove the keyboard and power panel/media touch pad. Carefully pry the power panel up with a piece of plastic near the power button on the left side. Be careful when pulling not to yank the power connection as you might accidentally rip out a wire. Pull back the keyboard to reveal the connections. Disconnect the connections by carefully pulling on the tabs with your thumb and forefinger. If they are tight, wiggle them back and forth while pulling on them to loosen them.

    • 5). Remove the screws that were underneath the power pack/media touch pad. Carefully pry up the top casing and set it aside.

    • 6). Detach all visible connections to the motherboard by pulling gently on them, wiggling them if they are stuck. Gently pull up from the right side of the motherboard and remove. The HP laptop is now fully disassembled.

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