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Cheats for "Yoot Tower"

    Easy Money

    • In "Yoot Tower," you can make cash by simply pushing a few keys. If you hold "Alt," "Shift," "Ctrl" and "D," you will begin to earn money. Just watch the numbers in your bank account climb, and when you reach the level you want, release the keys.

    In-Game Debug Menu

    • If you press "Alt," "Shift," "Ctrl" and "D," the in-game debug menu will appear. Rather than holding down the keys to increase your revenue, click the "Debug" option and examine all of your statistics in the game. You can then manipulate your star rating as well as various other aspects of your in-game life.


    • Always save your game where it is before you enact any sort of cheat. You are going outside the normal parameters of the game, and if your cheat causes a crash, it can completely and permanently mess up your game. As with a term paper, it's best to back up what you've accomplished regularly.


    • Always watch your status carefully when using cheats to modify your standing. If you keep applying the revenue cheat, your bank account will eventually roll back over into negative numbers, so don't go overboard with the cheat. When implementing other modifications to the game, you could go too far and reset your status to nothing or eliminate the progress you've made. Some fiddling with the settings may be required to get your status right where you want it.

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