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Kick The HabitThe Truth Of Nicotine Addiction

Although it is without doubt, just as addictive as any hard drug out there (heroine, coke etc), nicotine addiction and the ensuing withdrawal effects are really nowhere near similar to those of the hard drugs. Nicotine withdrawal should not be an excuse to not effectively and permanently kick the habit - simple!

Just to clarify a point here; it's a very big difference that exists between the extremely debilitating withdrawal from hard drugs and the only-in-the-head withdrawal from nicotine - in fact you must know right here and now that nicotine very speedily clears from your system, just a matter of minutes, which makes you desire and need that next cigarette fix.

Let's hope that there are at least only very few reading this now that have ever been unfortunate enough to actually had to have made this comparison for themselves!

Though most of the smokers trying to stop smoking blame all subsequent failures to do so on nicotine addiction and the ensuing effects of withdrawal, the fact is that nicotine withdrawal is purely a figment of their imagination. Yup, it's a head thing.

I reiterate, whatever people may or may not believe, nicotine withdrawal is categorically nothing like withdrawal from hard drugs. Unlike hard drugs, the only difficulties associated with nicotine withdrawal are the 'cravings' - it doesn't involve any real pain or discomfort whatsoever.

The smokers' absolute belief that he/she 'needs' another hit of nicotine is 100% manufactured in their mind and so overcoming nicotine withdrawal is really just an easy process of re-training your mind - mild hypnosis or some gentle psychotherapy are acknowledged as being terrific methods.

So no matter what a lot of people may believe, we should all recognise how lucky we really are, these cravings are not physical, they're all in our head and because you've likely been smoking for so long you're used to the physical action of smoking and you believe you 'got to have' nicotine in your system.

Although we're all now sure that the withdrawal effects from nicotine are a figment of our imagination, it isn't actually very comfortable to deal with - very few people understand how to deal with or cure themselves of an addiction and even fewer have the capacity to be able to re-train their mind to overcome the temptations and cravings.

If you sincerely want or need to kick this toxic and killer habit, then you got to learn right now!

In summary; your addiction withdrawal symptoms are nothing when compared to some of the other withdrawal symptoms out there and even though you're bound to find it a little tough at first, being able to kick the habit is much easier than you think YOU ONLY HAVE TO WANT TO!

Quitting smoking naturally, speedily, and permanently isn't and has never been about overly complicated systems and/or poisonous pills and patches - it's all about simplicity, a little bit of will-power and some genuine tried and tested tobacco-quitting knowledge.

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