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How to Remove Tar From My Basement Floor

    • 1). Put on protective eye glasses and thick rubber gloves.

    • 2). Mix a muriatic acid cleanser with water using the proportions recommended on the muriatic acid's label. Depending on the brand, the mixture ratio can vary. As recommended by How to Clean Stuff, always add the acid to the water; never pour water directly into the bottle of muriatic acid.

    • 3). Pour the acid mixture onto the tar. Use just enough acid to cover the tar without running off onto other areas of the basement floor.

    • 4). Wait about two minutes for the muriatic acid cleanser to penetrate and break down the tar.

    • 5). Scrub the surface with steel wool. Pieces of tar will begin to come up. While still wearing rubber gloves, you can pick up the recently removed globs of tar and throw them into a bucket to let them dry. You don't want to throw the tar chunks in a trash can until the acidic cleanser has dried and the clumps have hardened.

    • 6). Pour more acid on the tar as soon as it becomes difficult to scrub off with the steel wool. Keep scrubbing and applying more of the acidic cleanser until all the tar has been removed from your basement floor.

    • 7). Wash the floor with soap and water to remove any excess traces of the muriatic acid.

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