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Kenya Animals - The Very Best of African Wildlife

A Safari provides you with the opportunity to experience the Kenya wilderness and see Kenya animals in a very personal way.
Imagine hiking through the brush and suddenly your attention is seized by the mighty roar of a distant lion...
you stick closely to your guide, placing your confidence in his experience...
far off you spy a herd of several hundred buffalo ambling patiently towards a watering hole.
You stop and take some photos and then walk on.
After a few more minutes, your guide signals to you to halt.
You stand still and silent.
Squinting into the sunlight you spot a small clearing up ahead.
Can you make it out...
can it really be...
the distinctive black mane of a lion pacing back and forth between the bushes? You hold your breath and stand stock still, trusting in the experience of your guide...
In Kenya, animals that you will see on safari include each of the huge African land mammals known as the "Big Five".
These are the elephant, the rhinoceros, the buffalo, the lion and the leopard.
While rhinos and buffaloes can be prey to fearless lions and leopards, all of these daunting and awe-inspiring animals collectively face a single predator, much greater than the lion that threatens them with extinction - the human hunter.
Kenya's spectacular landscape gradually inclines from the beautiful beaches that flank the Indian Ocean in the East, to the dry plains that give way to the Kenya Highlands, 900 metres above sea level and finally reaching over 5,000 metres at the peak of Mount Kenya.
Kenya animals have a varied habitat of dry savanna, dotted with watering holes, and dense brush forests.
Many animals are now protected by the Amboseli Game Reserve and the TsavoNational Parks.

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