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How are air conditioners rated?

Residential and Commercial air conditioners are rated differently, so deciding which air conditioners are the best air conditioners will depend on the classification first and foremost. Residential air conditioners are ranked by their SEERs while the Commercial ones are ranked by their EERs.  If you know little to nothing about AC units you will probably have no idea what the acronyms above stands for.

SEER is the ellipsis for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and EER is the ellipsis for Energy Efficiency Rating only. If you are selecting the best air conditioners by brand, then you will have to check their rank based on the fleet efficiency. This is a calculation of the average efficiency of all the models that are made by that brand or trademark. Therefore, a particular brand may have what is ranked as the best ac unit on its own, but may not rank number one in the brand list if the rest of the models in the fleet are not very efficient.  For a brand name to come out on top, all of its model should have good ratings even if another company has one model that is rated as the best of all.

Additionally, the ranking would sometimes not be considered fair if the brands that are being compared do not have a similar number of models to average. In essence, one brand would be at an advantage or disadvantage if it only had 30 models when another brand has 70.

While the brand of a unit should be taken into consideration when searching for the best air conditioners, you should be paying more attention to the type of air conditioner that you need, the size of the unit needed and the cost of the unit versus your budget. At this point in time a professional AC contractor or consultant would be very helpful.

There are different types of AC units to choose from and some may be best for you while others would be a downright disaster depending on, the building or room that you want to cool, the area that you live in, the general climate of your region, the size of the building or room, the usual room temperature and more. The aforementioned factors will also help the contractor to help you decide on a particular size and model.

In essence, there are no overall best air conditioners for everyone, just the best air conditioner for you and your unique situation. Therefore, you will need professional help in selecting the right one for you, but that does not mean that it is the right one for your neighbor or another building in another area.

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