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New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon in Scorpio arrives on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 4:14pm PDT.
This is not a new moon made for wimps.
It probably the most powerful new moon for the entire year.
Humanity is evolving whether they like it or not and as we move to a more spiritually evolved society, old ways, systems that no longer work, and our own habits that no longer serve us well must leave.
And that's what this new moon is all about! At the time of a new moon, the sun and moon occupy the same space of the zodiac sign.
So the moon and the sun will be in Scorpio on Tuesday.
It is a time for inner reflections, deep soul searching, and getting in touch with your 'dark side' or that part of yourself that you don't like to recognize but is holding you back.
It is also a day when you are tuned in to both the current reality and the invisible realm.
(Is it any wonder this moon falls near Halloween?) This moon also falls at a time of or after the harvest in many places symbolizing that life dies only to be reborn in the spring.
Similarly, we must let old habits that no longer serve us die in order to manifest or bring about a rebirth of own making.
You are actually seeing the effects this upcoming moon reflected in the world monetary systems.
This moon refuses to allow that which no longer works to continue! This is why this moon is considered a 'dark moon' because it forces you to look at what is not working in your life in order to get it out! If you continue to leave dysfunction in your life now, circumstances will only get tougher until it forces you to listen.
So, take this time to reflect upon what's not working in your life.
If you've been thinking about changing careers or letting go of a situation or person that no longer brings you joy, then consider cutting it loose in the next several days.
Take time to meditate and get very clear about your goals and intentions - write it down or put it in a journal.
Make a list of what you want to see happen in your life.
If you do this now, you will find that new paths will open over the course of the next few days and ensuing weeks.
New opportunities for growth will appear where none existed.
But this only promised for those who are not faint at heart and dare to embrace much needed change!

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