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The Evolution of Common Marriage Problems

Common marriage problems have evolved over the years with marriage problems changing and developing in line with modern lifestyles.
In years gone by expectations were lower, marriages were expected to last and opportunities to test out greener grass were far fewer.
Poor marriages were less obvious with little talk of marriage issues and common marriage problems tended to be pushed to the back of people's minds as they got on with daily lives.
Historically, people were well occupied, lived their lives according to routine, had far lower expectations and understood that marriages, as with life in general, had its ups and downs.
Those that struggled with marriage problems considered it no ones problem other than their own and got on with married life as best they could.
Those that knew about troubled marriages rarely spoke about it and generally ignored it.
As our lifestyles have changed so too have our perception of marriage and our expectations have significantly increased.
Marriage problems have become more prolific with people becoming far less satisfied with less than perfect marriages.
People's choice has increased with so many moving away or working outside their childhood area, women no longer see themselves as just housewives and mothers and lack of consideration and respect from partners is no longer tolerated in a marriage.
Marriage problems are more common, a less than perfect lifestyle isn't tolerated and long working days in open working environments combined with a move towards recreational pursuit's (not involving partners) have opened the floodgates in regard to one of the more common marriage problems, infidelity.
Can life go back to how it was, probably not? People have changed and life has changed.
All's we can do is learn how to manage expectations, deal with marriage problems and try and move away from the need to experience something else rather than fix what we've got.
Many who move on aren't happier and wish they could turn the clock back.
If only people could be wiser when they are younger and understand how special a perfect marriage can be.
Many say window shopping is harmless but when all said and done it just leads to desire and fuels marriage problems that would not have otherwise arisen.
We often find that our first opinion is the right one and that includes when choosing a partner to spend the rest of our lives with.
We might not be able to turn the clock back in many respects but we can move away from this constant need to see marriage problems as an excuse to call it a day rather than a wake up call to pay more attention to the marriage and the family we love.

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