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How to Use a Knee Caddy With a Cast

    • 1). Rest the injured leg. The injured leg should be placed on the cushion of the knee caddy. Secure the knee on the cushion, and rest the ankle near the end of the cushion.

    • 2). Propel yourself forward. To walk with a knee caddy, you should propel yourself forward using your good foot.

    • 3). Steer with your good foot. To steer with a knee caddy, you should proceed forward with your good foot as if you were walking with the knee caddy. Then steer the knee caddy by maneuvering the handles in the direction you wish to go. You can also lift up on the handles and turn the knee caddy in the direction you desire to go.

    • 4). Stop with your good foot. Stopping a knee caddy is generally completed with your good foot. You should simply place your good foot firmly on the ground. The brakes are designed to be used sparingly and in the event of an emergency.

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