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What Should You Do About Nodular Acne?

One common mistake that people trying to either treat or prevent acne do is clean their face constantly.
If you do this, your skin can actually dry out and become irritated, making a perfect breeding ground for acne.
If there is either too much oil or not enough in your skin pores, it can cause breakouts.
So don't think that washing your face will help, it anything it could end up working against you.
Another important word that acne sufferers need to know about is the papule.
It's just a lesser version of actual acne.
It's small and firm and presents on the surface of the skin.
It is not considered to be either non-inflammatory or inflammatory, it's between the two.
For those who suffer with acne, it might be a battle you will be fighting the rest of your life.
Unfortunately, the myth that says it is limited to just the teen/adolescent years is completely false.
Anyone at any age can develop all different types of acne.
The type called "Nodular Acne" is especially painful.
What causes all of this pain is the puss that fills the nodule.
Pus is a result of your immune system responding to infection in your skin's pores, which is what causes a majority of the pain those who have nodular acne experience.
The time period that nodular acne can exist on the skin is typically weeks, but it can last up to months and even form into a cyst, which is a very serious medical problem.
Both of these kinds can leave scarring later on into adulthood.
One myth that a lot of people think is true is that getting a tan will remove or treat your acne.
It's absolutely false.
The only thing that darker skin will do is mask the acne, but only a little and not even permanently.

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