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Cruises - Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of a cruise has become a popular holiday choice in recent years, with the hassle free mode of travel appealing greatly to millions of people every year.
For many a cruise can be a completely new experience, especially if they are only used to the typical beach holiday.
Here are some of the frequently asked questions for people new to the cruise line holiday.
What cruise is right for me? This depends entirely on the type of holiday you're after.
If you want a cruise full of heat and picture postcard views, a cruise in the Caribbean should be right up your street.
In terms of paradise it's the most revered; sailing through its turquoise seas past islands lined with beautiful beaches is an experience that's out of this world.
If it's a visit to a wilderness full of wildlife then opt for an Alaskan cruise.
This cruise takes you through the fjords of the relatively untouched state of Alaska, the home of whales, polar bears and penguins, as well as over 150 glacier fields.
It might be very cold, but the opportunities for wildlife are incredible.
With cruises now going to almost every location on the planet, it's hard to find a trip which won't suit your holiday choice.
Is a cruise affordable? There is a type of cruise to suit almost every budget, from the relatively cheap through to the height of luxury; so it really depends on how much you're looking to spend.
Another important aspect is that with a cruise everything is included, from your food, your cabin, daytime and night time activities and your entertainment.
The only things you will have to pay for are things optional shore excursions and in some cases drinks, when you add it all up you won't believe the value of the whole package of a cruise holiday.
There are now options of having a fly/cruise vacation, where you can begin your cruise from a different location such as Miami or even Athens.
These cruises will of course be slightly more expensive because of the flight, however if bought together the collective still presents excellent value compared to booking a flight and cruise individually Are all cruise ships similar? The only aspect of similarity is that they all float on water.
Cruise ships vary massively, ranging from under 200ft to over 1,000ft long.
Some have casual eateries, whereas others have formal restaurants offering the finest foods of the world.
So there are just a few questions answered that should hopefully reassure you about a cruise holiday.
Why not browse the options available and uncover a completely new style of holiday today.

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