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Is Procrastination A Mental Disorder?

Procrastination is not considered a mental disorder because it could be due to several reasons and causes that could be temporary or just not severe.
However in a survey made of college students, 52% showed to have problem of procrastination, so it is something that a lot of people have at some point in their life.
Procrastination is not a disorder but it could be the result of a mental disorder.
That means that if the adolescent has an emotional problem, depression or it going through a very difficult time for personal relationships, or anything else, then this causes procrastination.
However, you should be aware that it is very common in students and is usually not severe.
Although, it could affect the performance in school or the job.
In fact is also called the "Student Syndrome" because they delay the work until last minute to do it, they even ask the teacher for deadline extensions but the still get the work done the last day of the deadline.
Another thing that makes some people procrastinate for large periods of time is to seek perfectionism.
I'm not sure if that can be considered a mental problem, but people that are always looking for perfection do not get much done or they never finish the work because they are not sure that is going to be perfect and without errors.
They are insecure and might have self esteem problems.
So my point is that although is not a mental problem it could be the result of it one.
You can see it in teens that had a relationship problem and are very sad or depressed - they don't seem to concentrate or get focused.
They are just thinking over and over again about the emotional problem and how they could have solved it or avoided it.
So when they sit to get a task done, they never seem to put their mind in right mood.

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