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Colorado State Law Regarding Grievance Time

    Filing Time

    • Colorado Statute 8-4-122 states that grievances about wages must be filed within two years of the violation. This applies, however, when the employer is unintentionally violating the law, such as when a mistake has been made or the company has become bankrupt. Willful violations of wage laws -- when an employer refuses to pay despite being able to do so --must be filed within three years of the violation.

    Worker's Compensation

    • Colorado law requires an individual injured on the job to report the injury to their employer within four days. Failure to report the injury within this time may result in a reduction in worker's compensation benefits. An injured worker has two years from the time of their injury to file a formal complaint against the employer.

    Exceptions to Filing Times

    • An exception to the rule is when the injury or illness would not be immediately identified. An example of this is when an employee was exposed to radioactive materials. In these situations, the employee has five years to file a lawsuit for their injury or illness.

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