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How to Change Your Mind and Your Life - Confront Your Biggest Enemy - Your Mediocre Mind

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" Albert Einstein It has happened to all of us.
We have a great idea or we get inspired to do something that requires boldness and faith to achieve.
Excitement is on an all time high and our spirit is churned up to go forward and conquer.
And then we start reasoning.
Our mind starts bombarding us with questions.
Can we possibly do that? What if this goes wrong? What will so and so say? Suddenly our great idea isn't that attractive anymore.
The glorious path to achievement has filled with unexpected road blocks and our whole plan seems doomed for failure.
What happened? Were you wrong when you believed you could succeed in the first place? No, it is only your mediocre mind that is blocking your spirit.
All of us are inherently creative and have unique God-given talents and gifts to accomplish great tasks.
God has deposited a genius in every human being.
The problem is that our spirit is aware of that, but our mind is not.
Every genius will sooner or later encounter a mind that has been educated to doubt and to fear.
If you would ask a classroom of 5 year olds how many of them believe they are artists, probably all of them would raise their hands enthusiastically.
A few years later most of them will not.
Once again, the mediocre mind got in the way.
That is why the Bible adamantly encourages us to renew our minds constantly.
We should see ourselves as God sees us, as creative beings made in His image.
It is only then that our spirit will be free to reach above and beyond the limits our human reasoning is always trying to make us aware of.

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