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Words From a Model Railway Trains Collector

Of all gazillion hobbies I've tried during the years, the only one that has stuck since I was a kid is the art of collecting model railway trains.
I don't know what it is...
but something about this hobby intrigues me in a way I never thought possible.
The trains are only a small part of it.
What really gets me excited is designing and building the model railways.
If I counted all the hours I've laid down, the number would probably be shockingly high.
But you know...
It's worth it.
(Almost) every hour has been adding some kind of weird fulfillment to my life.
When I design - I'm in a different world.
My own world away from all stress and pressure.
And I believe you have something that makes you feel the same way.
Your passion may not be model railway trains or model railway layouts.
Or even related to model railways...
But I'm sure that you have something.
My first model railway layout was the usual - an oval shaped railway built from my fathers old set.
And this was probably the most advanced layout my father ever made...
But I was stuck.
The train fascinated me - as is expected of a child.
After playing with my fathers old set for a few weeks, he surprised my and took my to the hobby shop and let me choose my first very own set.
I've since come a long way from that oval shaped railway on the floor.
I love the small details - placing miniature humans, buildings, trees...
And, of course, collecting beautiful trains.

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