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Child Custody for Christian Fathers

The divorce rate among Christians is similar to that of everyone else in the United States and there are a lot of children that are affected by divorce.
Even as a Christian you are going to need to stand your ground when it comes to developing a parenting plan.
Just because you and your spouse can no longer live together doesn't mean your children can do without one parent or the other.
With the exception of abuse or neglect, in most cases parents should work together to have joint custody.
There is no one parenting plan that fits every child's needs so they need to be designed to each child and changed as the child grows.
There is a lot of tension during the divorce process, emotions are high and decision making can be difficult.
Leaving important decisions up to chance or to a judge can back fire on you.
The best thing to do is work things out with your partner for the sake of the children.
Children should never be used to punish or hurt the other parent and if you and your partner can't work together you should seriously consider mediation.
Studies across the board reflect that children whose parents are actively involved in their lives have higher self-esteem and fewer behavioral issues.
In this day and age when society seems to be playing a bigger role on our children's upbringing you need to do anything you can to be the positive role model in your children's lives.
Both parents have much to offer children as they develop, plain and simple.
They need stability, routine and a safe place when they are with each parent.
Fathers don't need to accept the traditional role of visitation every other weekend and alternating holidays.
For one reason or another this became the norm and times are changing.
Courts are now looking at much more than gender when it comes to child custody.
As you put together your parenting plan it is critical that you keep any conflict away from your children.
Work out a plan that provides the most support and time your children can have with each parent.
The more active you can be in their lives the better.
Open and honest communication is very important so each parent is playing an active role in the children's lives and neither feel left out of the loop.
Parenting is challenging enough as it is...
Single father parenting will have even more obstacles, however a detailed parenting plan designed around the children's needs will provide a solid foundation for everyone to work with in the future.

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