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How To Use A Registry Cleaner

Very few people are aware about even the existence of the windows registry of the computer, let alone the utility of registry cleaning.
This is the central database of the system that stores information about the computer.
All the details about the hardware that make up the system and the software that runs on the system as well as the software that runs the hardware stored in this database called the registry.
This system database records all the activity that takes place on the system.
This can be regarding which user logged on to the system to the time when the user logged off.
It even records what sites were visited and what was downloaded.
This means that the operating system keeps on adding to the information in its database and so it must grow as the days go by.
In the bargain the system database will grow to such a size with redundant and useless information that the speed of scanning the registry for information that is called up by some program will be much more than the speed of the processor and so the system will become sluggish and slow.
Here is where the knowledge of how to use a registry repair software will come handy to you.
What Is A Registry Cleaner? It is a software that scan the registry of the system and identify broken links, files, fonts, and any information that is not in any way needed or used by the system but is just lying there taking up disk space and slowing down the registry operations.
Free Microsoft registry cleaner, ensuing, PC and express are some names associated with the registry maintenance software.
The program will identify and select such components and then prompt you to clean or repair the registry by clicking on the appropriate link.
How Does A Registry Cleaner Work? Once you have downloaded the registry cleaning program from the site onto your computer you will have to install it.
The program must be compatible to the resident operating system.
Installation of such programs is high on ease and takes a very less time.
If you are using XP you will not have to reboot the system for the program to work.
Clicking on the exe program will launch it.
This is usually a link on the desktop.
The program interface will prompt you to scan the registry by clicking on 'scan registry' link.
The scanning process will take about three minutes to scan the registry and then display the redundant links on the page.
Then it will ask you to 'repair the registry by clicking on the 'repair' link.
This process takes a couple of seconds.
When you reboot your system the computer will be running more smoothly and efficiently because the junk has been removed from the system by the windows registry cleaning software.

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