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How to Get Rid of Loose Belly Fat and Replace it With Rock Hard Ripping Six Pack Abs Fast For Summer

Yikes, loose belly fat is nothing but plain old ugly, am I right?  There's nothing sexy about it jiggling around when you're hardly moving, is there?  Wouldn't you love to know how you can start your belly fat weight loss without pain in the butt exercise training and killer ab workouts?  Well, now you can.
  It's actually easier than you think.
I'm not going to talk to you about exercise today.
  I'm going to talk about some real simple things that you can do right now, this very minute, to start getting rock hard abs, okay? Tip #1 - I know before I started my six pack ab transformation I used to miss the most important meal of the day - breakfast.
  And then what would happen is that I'd then grab the nearest food I could when I started getting hungry - and that meal was usually full of carbs and crap.
  Not only that, because my body woke up hungry it started storing more fat around my belly while I was sleeping.
  What an idiot! Tip #2 - My first meal of the day - lunch - was a super sized meal because by then I was absolutely starving...
and usually that would be something from the nearest take away shop that was full of fat, super greasy and just made me feel awful afterwards.
Tip #3 - I joined a gym nearby that cost me a fortune.
  I had to sign up to a 12 month payment plan that I couldn't afford, and went about twice in the whole time.
  Not only was that a waste of money but it actually demotivated me rather than got me motivated to get rid of my stomach fat.
Since then I've found many every day fun things that I really enjoy doing.
  Because they're fun I do them more often.
  What's fun about getting up at 5am and going to the gym when you're half asleep?

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