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How to Treat Dog Flu

    • 1). Take your dog to the vet. The vet can test to make sure it is the flu and then prescribe any necessary medications, such as something to make your dog more comfortable or a broad-spectrum antibiotic in case of secondary infections.

    • 2). Keep water near your dog at all times. Your pet needs to constantly drink water to help flush out the flu. Although you cannot force the water into your pet's mouth, simply having it nearby should suffice.

    • 3). Avoid walking your dog or riling her up. Your pet, like any other sick animal, needs to rest. A comfy dog bed is always nice.

    • 4). Keep other dogs away from the sick dog. The flu spreads from one animal to another through the nose. The last thing you want is to deal with two sick dogs.

    • 5). Have your dog vaccinated to prevent future flu sickness.

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