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Condition of Government Hospital in India

The medical system in India is very old. In the past India was rich in everything, whether it is medical, or any other thing. Ayurveda, the oldest method of treatment was originated from India. After introducing the allopathic medicine in India, the craze of Ayruveda was in down wards. Even small cities like Bhopal, Indore, and Jabalpur were not untouched by the effect of Allopathic method of treatment. After having Independence from British, for few years the conditions of these hospitals were better. As the time has been passed the circumstances become worse. The increases of number in private hospital the importance of that hospitals become sympathetic, because of lack in facility.

The main reason of this condition is corruption and unnoticed towards government hospitals. Before independence the Bhopal region has hospitals called Prince of Wales King Edwards Memorial Hospital for men, this hospital was having very good reputation. After independence Prince of Wales King Edwards Memorial Hospital for men named Hamidia Hospitals. Few years later of gaining Independence the conditions of government hospitals were still, but now the condition has been worse.

The corruption is in all over the country and now it is like a culture to our country. People are referring to go the private hospitals rather than government hospitals because of better treatment and facility. There were no laws for private organizations, and people are taking advantages of it. Just because of corruption the condition of government hospitals is worse. As the doctors and staff of the government hospitals knows that no action will be taken against them. Everyone is busy in making money, €black money€, no one is care about others. Even the government doctors run their private clinic for making more money. Sometimes, there is no blood in blood bank because the staffs of hospitals are selling the stuff to private hospitals.

Drug trial is also the reason why do people prefer private hospitals. Because many medicine that are ban in western countries and American countries, they are easily and freely used in India as there is no such law that stopped these drugs trail. In the statement of the Supreme Court the drug trial in India on the patient is illegal and those whosoever found guilty is liable to imprisonment but still the drugs trail in India is on. India needs strict law to stop these and punishment to criminal, so that there is a message convey to the society.

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