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Using A Microphone Preamp For Excellent Recording Quality

Since the signals received by standard microphones are low, you will eventually need to invest on a high-quality microphone preamp. You can use this preamp together with your recording device in order to boost the signals to levels that are compatible to recording devices.

Instead of relying on the built-in preamps on your mixer, you must consider using special microphone preamps to improve the quality of the sounds you wish to record.

Here are some ways to make sure that you are making the most out of the capabilities of your new preamp.

Set the input high

During a recording session, set the input as high as possible without crossing its red indicators. When levels reach red, they can distort the sounds and interfere with the entire signal path. These distortions can lead to crackling noises that can affect the quality of your professional audio. You can prevent this from happening by pushing the input signal high without making it enter the red lines.

Decide on the number of preamps

The number of microphone amplifiers and recording equipment you will need depends on the sounds that you are trying to record. If the vocals were recorded in mono settings and the guitars are recorded in stereos. If you wish to record an entire band, you have to use one microphone preamp for each of the band members as well as several amplifiers for the percussions.

Use the right power source

While you are using your microphone amplifier, you might need to use phantom power as your power source. The power will be sent through the mic cable towards the microphone that needs it. Although cheap preamps are already available in the market, they may not be good enough to increase the signals coming from your condenser microphone. You also have the option to choose between preamps with built-in phantom power or to use a separate source of phantom power.

Your recording studio will never be complete without a set of handy microphone amplifiers. Whatever kind of microphone preamp you wish to use, just make sure that it can deliver the exceptional recording quality that you need.

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