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How to Change the SSL on a BlackBerry Curve Email

    • 1). Scroll to and select the "Messages" icon from the Home screen of the phone.

    • 2). Press the "Menu" key to access functionality settings.

    • 3). Move the cursor down and click "Options."

    • 4). Select the "Email Accounts" icon.

    • 5). Scroll to the email account that you want to change SSL for.

    • 6). Press the "Menu" key.

    • 7). Select the option for "Edit."

    • 8). Move the cursor down to "Advanced Settings" and then press the trackball.

    • 9). Scroll to the "Use SSL" field and make sure that it is set to "Yes" to keep it on or "No" to turn it off.

    • 10

      Scroll to the "SSL Details" field and change the SSL to the appropriate setting for your specific e-mail account (such as Outlook.)

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