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SHOCK Your Woman and Make Her Squirm With This Amazing Trick (She Will Squirm in Delight)

The one most effective method to driving your woman absolutely nuts is not performed by many men who think they know what is good sex.
Learn what women hope you already know, but probably don't know.
Two areas must be stimulated at the same time When you manipulate your lover's vagina with with your hands and mouth you need to be focused on the vaginal canal and the clitoris at the same time.
This is method that not very men understand at all.
You must usually do this with a mouth and a finger, or two fingers.
Women really love the finger and mouth method the most however.
They love when the mouth is applied to clitoris and some gentle, repetitive licking takes place, while the finger is moving at a nice even, slow pace to stimulate the nerves in the vaginal walls.
Do not attempt to write the alphabet on her with your mouth.
That move will just frustrate her beyond belief.
You see, women to not reach orgasm in the same manner as men do.
With a man, you stimulate his penis with mouth or hand, and as long as he is erect he will climax.
  This is not the case with women, they will actually lose all excitement when you start to alternate your tactics in the middle of her building up to climax.
It is difficult for men to understand, but all you need to know is that you must keep a repetitive motion going, and it will work wonders.

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