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The Key To Your Fishes Health Is Clear

Provide a healthy aquatic environment to your fishes and marine pets through practicing good aquarium maintenance.
Maintaining your aquarium doesn't have to be done every day, spending few minutes every other week is reasonable for you to have a clean tank.
Tank stability is the most important thing to care about in maintaining your aquarium, everything else will follow if this is ensured and only the water volume will need an immediate attention.
The water should be changed for about every two weeks, thus, when doing this, it is also necessary to vacuum the gravel inside your tank to eliminate feces remains, uneaten food and other residues.
Also check the water parameters including pH, nitrates, nitrites, and carbonate hardness; tap-water may contain chlorine that could deoxygenate the water quickly.
To neutralize the water content, mix a water conditioner to the liquid.
You can use well-water because its chlorine free, but it is usually harder than tap water.
Filtered water is also recommended for your aquarium maintenance but this may require replacement prior to the expiration date.
Your aquarium maintenance could be done daily by making sure that the tank equipments are properly working, feeding the fishes appropriately and observing for behavioral changes that may lead to aquarium problems.
For weekly maintenance, you can see whether there fish deaths have occurred, if there is, check the ammonia of nitrite level and clean the water immediately.
Testing the water parameters, cleaning the tank walls and rinsing the filter inserts could be done every other week; you can also change the water and vacuum the gravel for this period.
For a monthly routine, you can have tasks like; replacing you filter inserts, cartilages, carbon and Algone.
You can also have the tubing, tank connections, air stones, skimmers and other parts checked and maintained at least once a month.
It is necessary to check your connections because some may be electric powered, this way, you can avoid your installations to short circuit.
Aquarium maintenance also includes proper filter management.
Filter floss should be exchanged at least once a month because it could be responsible for the buildup of unwanted particles in your tank.
Maintaining your aquarium is extended up to your supplies selection which includes fish food, water conditioners and filters.
In doing so, be sure to check the label of the supplies; installation procedures and expiration dates.
Expired or tampered items might cause danger in your aquarium environment.

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