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Excellent Toy Furniture: Formational Suggestions

Accessories: The Little Touches

The real fun with a kit or hobby of this sort is reveling in the small details. From living room lamps to kitchen coffee mugs, these are the small details found in the accessories category. Not only will these little trinkets add a flare to your doll's house, but it will make your friend's dolls jealous. But not only will it add that creative touch, it makes it look more realistic. So express yourself and personality in the type of china, miniature animals, portraits and more

Making your Miniature House Better: Floor Trim

If you are a true crafter you are constantly tweaking your creations. There are some great things that you can add to your house, and I just simply came across one that helped out a lot. I simply created a floor board to use for the trim around the floor of the dollhouse. You can buy many types of dollhouse trim through stores but what I found to be the cheapest and easiest is purchasing a long thin flat piece of balsa wood. Simply paint it the color of your dollhouse and attach it to the foot of your walls. What I found is that they covered up the tiny bumps between the walls and the flooring. It also prevented the wall paper to come unglued because I was covering the bottom edges with the trim. This discovery truly was a small one, but I believe that it really added to my dollhouse.

Matching Colors: A Science that is Well Developed to Help

Color will be the over ruling design medium for your dollhouse furniture and design choices. The desire to coordinate is known throughout any art or design school and is taught at a basic level using a color wheel. The basis of the wheel is that some colors are similar to one another, and others have contrast. Opposite colors on the wheel are those with absolute contrast and stability. When starting your designing pick up a color wheel for your color selections, a little knowledge about color coordination will go a long way to help your design and flow capabilities.

Designing by Mood

Great designers know that in order to have a good layout and design you need to strive for the appropriate mood. A mood is the purpose of the room, the reason that it exists. An example is that you would have a kitchen to eat, have conversation, relax, cook etc. One more example would be the bedroom, the most personal quarters, and is designed for only one person. Great dollhouses are no different. To help you get in the mood setting, picture the room and the feelings that emanate from that room, then design colors, furniture, and styles to match that setting. The more you can portray the appropriate move, the more you will convince your friends and family your great skills as a miniaturist.

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