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Lap Band Surgery in Belgium

Belgium specializes in weight loss surgeries. It also has an encouraging success rate in bariatric surgeries and provides patients with good quality low cost weight loss surgical treatments. On account of all these factors, Belgium has become the country preferred most by the patients, especially European patients to go in for bariatric surgery.

Lap Band Surgery is a type of bariatric surgery that helps patients shed weight by reducing the size of the stomach and bringing down their food intake requirements.

What is lap band surgery?

Lap band surgery is the least invasive bariatric surgery, wherein an adjustable band made of bio-compatible materials is inserted in the upper part of the stomach, thereby creating a pouch at the top of the stomach. The purpose of the pouch so created is to hold the food consumed by the patient. The capacity of the pouch to hold food is much less as compared to that of the stomach, and thus it fills up quickly. Due to this mechanism the amount of food that a patient can consume at a particular time is greatly reduced and so is the hunger sensations sent to the brain. The patient feels hungry less often and as a result looses weight.

However, laparoscopic surgery like lap band is not suitable for all patients. It is usually not recommended to patients who are extremely obese, have undergone abdominal surgery previously or are suffering from complicated medical problems.

Why Choose Lap Band Surgery Over Other Bariatric Surgeries??

There are many factors that can be considered while choosing lap band surgery over other forms of bariatric surgeries. These are: gastric banding is least invasive form of weight loss surgery, requires shorter stay in the hospital by the patient, speed recovery, less scars and pain to the patient, no part of the stomach is removed, intestines of the patient are not altered and digestion takes place normally. Also, gastric bands don't cause any harm to patient's body, as they are made from bio-compatible material.

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery in Belgium

Belgium has a history of being a high quality and affordable medical tourism centre and specializes in weight loss surgical treatments. Belgian bariatric surgeons are highly trained and experienced and they regularly attend seminars and workshops conducted across Europe. Latest technology and equipments are used to provide best quality treatment to patients. Belgian hospitals are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and facilities and maintain high standards of hygiene. Patient can take the appointment for the lap band surgery according to his/her convenience and there is hardly any waiting time. The major attraction is the cost of lap band surgery in Belgium, which is quite low as compared to other European countries. Patients don't even need to worry about the series of follow up checkups required after Lap band surgery, as most of the doctors provide these checkups through their networks in neighboring countries.

Since, Belgium is a hub of medical tourism, there is multitude of medical tourism companies that can guide you if you are going in for a lap band surgery in Belgium. You can obtain a medical tourism package from any of these companies customized according to your specific needs.

Apart from lap band surgery other weight loss surgeries available in Belgium are: Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Balloon, and Revision Surgery. Revision surgery is the bariatric surgery for those patients, who have undergone a weight loss surgery previously but was not a success.

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