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How to Make Raiden in "Soul Calibur 4"

    • 1). Open the "Single Player Mode" menu, then choose "Character Creation."

    • 2). Select "Male" for the character's gender, "Good" for the alignment and "No Equipment Set" for the default equipment set. Choose "Auto-Generate Character," then "Begin Editing this Character."

    • 3). Decide whether you want to focus on emulating Raiden's melee fighting style or his teleportation and lightning attacks. If you want him as a melee fighter, give him Kilik's staff style. If you want to emulate Raiden's mystical abilities, use Cervantes' dual sword style, although the weapons don't match the normal depiction of Raiden as a staff wielder.

    • 4). Use the following items to create a basic version of Raiden:

      Head Equipment: Sedge Shade, a tan or light brown hue

      Upper Body Equipment: Changpao, light blue with white trim

      Lower Body Equipment: Noble Suit, white

      Undergarments: Chain Mail, white

      Arm Equipment: Engraved Gauntlets or Ashigaru Kote, black

      Leg Equipment: Leather Boots, white

    • 5). Press "R1" to progress to the next step in character creation. Use the following parameters:

      Physique/Muscularity: -20/+30.

      Hairstyle: Long Straight, Samurai Tail or Blaze

      Hair Color: completely white

      Eye Color: white

      Eyebrow Color: white

    • 6). Move to the final section of Character Creation to give Raiden his weapon and equip skills in accordance with how many skill points you have. For a high Attack stat, choose the Jingu Staff or the Embrace of Souls for Kilik's style, or Soul Edge and Phlegethon for Cervantes's style.

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