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How to Stop Smoking with Cigarette Filters

    • 1). Attach the cigarette filter from the pack you have purchased to the tip of the filter on your cigarette.

    • 2). Smoke the cigarette as you would normally, allowing the filter to remove some of the addictive nicotine and tar as you smoke.

    • 3). Replace the filter after every 5 to 7 cigarettes, according to the directions that are included with the pack of cigarette filters that you purchased.

    • 4). Slowly cut down your cigarette intake as you smoke with the filters. You will be getting less nicotine than you are used to because of the filters blocking properties, so slowly your body will become used to the smaller amount of nicotine and your cravings will begin to diminish.

    • 5). Substitute tea, candy or nuts for cigarettes when you have a craving for more nicotine. It is difficult but if you delay smoking another cigarette, your craving will pass.

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