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Want To Be A Master Seducer? Discover What Kind Of Women You Want

Your first step is to decide what kinds of women you want.
Even the best seducers have a certain group of girls that they are better with.
For example, if you are in your 20s, you might be into picking up party chicks and having a new girl in your bed every night.
If you are in your 40s, however, and looking for a wife, disco girls might not be your cup of tea.
So know what you're looking for, and form your strategies accordingly.
There are young girls and older women.
There are highly educated and less educated ones.
You will find some of them in clubs and others at exhibitions, the theater or your own social circle.
Generally, older women are much easier to find and seduce.
They are either singles with a strong sex drive and a massive amount of frustration or married women who are bored with their husbands and their lives as housewives.
As women grow older, they start to have fewer and fewer options.
As you get older, you will have more and more.
So be patient.
Younger girls will always have more choices.
They will be able to select from a wild variety of males, especially if they look good.
Whatever you want, you will have to figure out the best way to get it.
Let me give you a few examples: If you want to become a player, you'll probably go clubbing at least two or three nights a week.
If you're an artist or a Bohemian type, you'll be found at art exhibitions or modern theaters talking to women with similar interests.
If you like cooking, you'll go to a cooking class to meet such women.
If you are a New Age guy, you'll visit programs that attract New Age girls.
If you're into fundamentalist Christian women, you'll develop a routine of going to the church and eying them, then come up with a way to talk to them.
If you like girls who are into sports, get a pair of skates and hang at the local skating park.
When a hot girl comes by, approach her and talk to her.
After some experimentation and a few crash-and-burns, you'll find certain repeating schemes in your conversations.
With a skater girl, you won't talk about modern art; while at the exhibition, the girl you're talking with might not be interested in your rock-climbing adventures.
So to summarize, the basic steps are: 1.
Think about what you're like, and decide what kind of woman you want and what qualities she should have.
Of course, you should take it one step at a time and be realistic.
If you're a virgin, you won't become a player next week and bed the hottest Playboy models.
You'll have to put a lot of time and energy into achieving your goals.
Stay rational, and never aim at something you know you can't have in the near future.
It's better to have short-term goals and small successes than to have a big disappointment.
Think about where your type of woman can be found in your city.
Frequent these events or places.
If you don't find what you're looking for, go back to Step 1 or 2.
Talk to the women that you meet.
Get to know what they're into and what they're like; find common interests with them.
After meeting women of the type you're interested in, you'll form a picture in your mind of their general traits.
From this point on, you'll be able to tailor your conversations accordingly and to develop a certain routine.
Such things might include telling the skater girls your favorite bungee-jumping story or taking them to the cafe around the corner, which happens to be a romantic little place just below your apartment.
Of course, in the end, most of these skater chicks will end up in your apartment.
Keep your eyes open, and be prepared to meet women ANYWHERE.
For example, don't limit yourself to skater girls when you work in proximity to an all-girl boarding school.

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