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How to Build a Terra Cotta Fountain

Things You'll Need



Seal the inside and outside of a 16-inch diameter, a 12-inch diameter and a 10-inch diameter terra cotta pot with terra cotta sealer. Allow the sealer to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Flip the 16-inch diameter pot upside down. Glue three small cobblestone pavers onto the bottom of the pot with waterproof construction adhesive. Space the pavers evenly around the perimeter of the pot. The pavers will elevate the pot. Allow the adhesive to dry.

Flip the 16-inch pot upright. Cut a 4-inch diameter disc from a rubber sheet to fit over the drainage hole in the center of the pot. Cut a slit halfway across the disc. This disc is to help make the 16-inch pot water tight, while allowing the power cord from the submersible pump to exit the drainage hole.

Fit the slit over the pump's power cord. Position the pump inside the center of the 16-inch diameter terra cotta pot. Slide the plug attached to the cord through the drainage hole and between the cobblestone feet. Use silicone sealant to glue the rubber disc over the drainage opening. Seal the slit around the cord. Run a bead of silicone around the rubber disc.

Glue one brick in an upright position on each side of the pump with waterproof construction adhesive. Fit the fountainhead onto the pump; extend it.

Fit the drainage opening in the center of the 12-inch diameter terra cotta pot over the fountainhead. Glue the base of the pot to the upended bricks with waterproof construction adhesive.

Glue one brick upright on each side of the fountainhead inside the 12-inch diameter pot. Fit the drain in the 10-inch pot over the fountainhead. Glue the base of the 10-inch pot to the bricks. Allow the adhesive to dry at least 24 hours.

Fill each terra cotta pot with water, up to 3 inches from the rims. When you plug in the fountain pump, water will circulate from the 16-inch pot up the fountainhead and bubble in the 10-inch pot, forcing the water over the rim of the 10 and 12-inch pots, back into the 16-inch pot.

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