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How to Select a Dress for Your Debutante Ball

  • 1). Check with the sponsor for official rules regarding dresses. Some may require you to have your dress approved months in advance by a committee, while others may simply say what adornments are and are not acceptable.

  • 2). Flip through bridal magazines for a glimpse of styles and cuts you may wish to have duplicated by a professional dressmaker or couturier. Although you may be able to get away with a few ruffles, some beading, a touch of lace or a slightly gathered bodice, the silk satin or silk organza dress with no decoration is still preferred.

  • 3). Remember that all dresses must be white, and shades of ivory, pearl and champagne are not an option. Look carefully at any trim, too, to make sure no hints of pink or yellow catch your eye.

  • 4). Choose a cut that complements your figure, yet keep lines proper and conservative. Skip the side or back slits and any silhouette that reveals cleavage or a completely bare back.

  • 5). Look for a skirt that will hit just above the floor, and that has enough fullness to permit a comfortable bow. Pick your heel height well in advance of the big night so the dressmaker can tailor your gown to the height you'll be at the ball.

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