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What Is Mediated Divorce?

When spouses have decided that divorce will be the best option for their relationship and their family, they do not have to feel limited to settling these important matters in a courtroom.
Though court may be the right option for some couples, others may find alternative measures to settle their divorce are most effective.
Mediated divorce is a relatively recent development in these types of proceedings, allowing spouses to work together to settle the terms of their separation without stepping into a courtroom.
Mediated divorce utilizes a third-party mediator to facilitate the decisions that must be made during a divorce.
Though there are few formal qualifications for mediators in most states, it is important for couples to choose this person carefully.
In order for this type of process to be effective for a divorcing couple, the two people must be willing to work together and compromise as needed.
Choosing a mediator together is a great way for spouses to set the stage for an effective divorce proceeding.
An experienced divorce lawyer often makes an excellent mediator for families who are considering a divorce of this kind.
Divorce lawyers have a great knowledge of what issues and concerns must be handled in a divorce.
Also, a good divorce lawyer will be able to help each side determine what is most important to them both and help them reach a decision they can be satisfied with.
This type of divorce proceeding puts the power of decision-making back into the hands of the people it affects most.

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