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Vegetables to Grow in December

    Growing Leafy Vegetables in December

    Growing Root Vegetables in December

    • Parsnips taste better as the weather gets colder.parsnip image by Jakub Cejpek from Fotolia.com

      Some root vegetables actually taste sweeter after exposure to winter frosts. Sow parsnips in the late winter for a harvest in the fall, but keep them in the ground until the following January. They'll be sweeter with each frost, but are excellent when harvested in December. Plant beets in the summer and harvest well into winter, too. Ensure that rows remain somewhat protected from snow by placing sturdy row covers over the crops.

    Fall Crops That Extend Into Winter

    • Put a mini-greenhouse or row cover over fall crops to extend the growing season.greenhouse image by tofuwarrior from Fotolia.com

      In milder climates it's possible to grow a final crop of peas, radishes, lettuce, and spinach, even though the days are getting shorter and cooler. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or another mild climate, try planting these in August or September. Harvest them throughout the fall. As the weather becomes colder, place a plastic cloche---try a trimmed, one-gallon plastic milk bottle, or 2-liter soda bottle---to shelter your plants. Or put a miniature plastic greenhouse or plastic row cover over the peas. You may be able to harvest fall crops as late as early December.

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