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How to Treat Lymphedema at Wrist

    • 1). Use manual lymph drainage. This is a special type of massage that encourages proper lymph flow. You will need to work with a lymphedema therapist who can perform the special strokes on you and also show you how to do it at home.

    • 2). Exercise regularly at a level appropriate for your condition. Exercise encourages circulation of lymph fluid throughout the body and can reduce swelling. Talk to your doctor about appropriate forms of exercise

    • 3). Use pressure garments to encourage the flow of lymph to healthy nodes and reduce fluid buildup. You might need to have your garments specially fitted. Your therapist can advise you how to get these garments and how to properly use them. It is especially important to use them when exercising or traveling by plane.

    • 4). Use a compression pump to help circulate lymph fluid. The pump connects to a sleeve on your arm and inflates on a timed cycle. Only use these devices under the supervision of a trained professional to prevent damage to lymph vessels.

    • 5). Maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss can improve symptoms of this condition.

    • 6). Do not lift heavy objects with your affected arm and avoid repetitive movements.

    • 7). Eat a healthy diet. Consume lots of fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables and limit your intake of salt and fat. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

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