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Attractions At Koh Samui That Leave You Spellbound

Thailand has many islands where tourists may enjoy traditional Thai culture, foods, sights and of course Thai massage. Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand and has many varied attractions.

One of Koh Samuis most famous and popular attractions is the 15 metres tall sitting statue of Buddha. It was made in 1972 by a local society to give locals a place to worship. This statue is placed on the islands Northern shore and can be easily seen from a distance. There are stunning views from the upper level, which forms the base of the statue. Another religious spot is the Sawadee Shrine of Brahma at the IT complex in Lamai, which attracts a large number of people with reverence and faith. At Hin Ta Hin Ya in south Lamai, there are strangely shaped rocks said to have originated from the bodies of an old shipwrecked couple.

For nature lovers, there are the beautiful Namuang waterfalls 10 kms south from Nathan at Ban Thurian. There are two waterfalls Namuang one (18 m high) may be reached by a vehicle. Namuang two (80 m high) can be reached by a 30-minute walk. There are gorgeous views all around. The Hin Lad waterfalls two kms south of Nathan are in rain forest area and can be reached only by a 4 kms walk though country roads. Theres also the Magic Buddha Garden in the hilly region with several statues of Buddha, temples and waterfalls. The Na Tian Butterfly Garden is a must see. It is at the bottom of the hill in the south of the island. There are a staggering variety of butterflies on show along with a Thai style house for bees and an insect museum. Another must-visit is the Snake Farm, which houses several varieties of snakes, scorpions, centipedes and other crawlies. There are also special shows during the day at 1100 hrs and 1240 hrs good informative fun for family and kids. The newest attraction is the Paradise Park Farm. Set in 20 acres the Paradise Park is a beautiful verdant vision in cool mountainous regions. A visitor will enjoy the tropical rainforest greenery, waterfall, small rivers, and of course exotic wildlife.

Other than these, Koh Samui provides opportunities for water sports, scuba diving and fishing adventures. It also has a happening nightlife and a great number of hotels and restaurants to tickle your palette.

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